Frequently Asked Questions 

Does your furniture contain any glue? 
We do not use any glue at production. However, our raw material E1 certified MDF includes adhesives. In the process of producing MDF, only certified CARB 2 adhesives are used. 

Is there formaldehyde in your wood (MDF)? 
All engineered wood contains formaldehyde. Even our exhale contains formaldehyde. Since we are committed to minimizing chemical substances in our furniture, we use E1 standard MDF. E1 means that the amount of formaldehyde released is less than 9.0 mg/100 g. 

What are the VOC Emission levels of your furniture?
All furniture emits VOC – a hazardous air pollutant. Our furniture meets the strictest European (E1) and Californian (Carb 2) emission standards. 


What kind of paints do you use? 
We use non-toxic, water-based finished compliant with the EN 71-3 standard. Our finishes meet all European, and US safety standards. 

Do your cribs come with mattresses? 
Mattresses are not included. However, standard size mattresses fit in our beds.


What size mattress do I need for my The Floa bed?  
For Chelsea Crib: 60x120 cm mattress 

For Soho Toddler Bed: 70x140 cm mattress 

For Mayfair Montessori Bed: 90x190 cm mattress 

How long is warranty on your furniture? 
The Floa offers a 2-year warranty for their kid’s furniture designs.

What are the materials used in The Floa furniture?
The Floa furniture is made of only E1 and FSC certified 18 mm and 22 mm MDFs. Then MDFs are painted with water-based paint. The Floa furniture do not contain any assembly accessory.


Do you have an assembly service? 
No, because you do not need it. The Floa furniture is redesigned from the ground up to be packed-flat and assembled in minutes by two people. The narrow openings allow you to assemble the components without using any metallic or plastic parts such as screws or bolts.